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Phlebotomist Certification and Training Center

Phlebotomy Study Guide

Taking training classes in Phlebotomy is an integral part of a Phlebotomist’s development path.  A competent Phlebotomist should strive to take continuing education and training to improve his/her day-to-day work skills.  Besides making you a better technician, additional training would improve your marketability and possible future salary.   For people interested in becoming a Phlebotomist, successfully passing the national certification exam could be critical to getting your first job in the field.   So whether you are working towards acing the Phlebotomy Certification exam or just trying to improve your clinical Phlebotomy skills, having good study guides can greatly assist you in your efforts.

Phlebotomy study guides can usually be broken down into 2 broad categories:

  • Study guides issued during training courses to help students pass the Certification Exam
  • Continuing education/Certification Maintenance study guides for currently working Phlebotomists with certifications


Certification Exam Study Guides

Most nationally accredited Phlebotomy Certification exams follow one of two standards:  the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) or the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).  So most study guides for students starting out in Phlebotomy training are based on guidelines from these 2 institutions.  However, you should keep in mind that the actual study guide materials will vary between each of the 4 major Certification Exam Agencies.

1.  The American Certification Agency can mail you 3 different options depending on price:

  • Phlebotomy Review manual with exam topics and outline
  • Review Manual with practice quiz and answer sheets
  • Spanish version of Manual with quiz and answer sheets
2.  The American Society for Clinical Pathology will give you(for a small fee) access to many online study guide resources including:
  • Suggested readings
  • Exam content breakdown
  • Practice tests
  • Study Guide review sections
3.  The National Center for Competency Testing allows you to individually purchase online and download the following study guide resources:
  • Exam review guide
  • Practice Tests
  • Exam Sections Breakdown
4.  The American Medical Technologists Agency gives you the following online resources:
Aside from the study guides from the major national certification agencies, there are numerous 3rd party study guides that you can purchase to help you pass that exam with flying colors!  Here are some of the more popular study guides:


Continuing education/Certification Maintenance Study Guides 

Some states such as California requires that Phlebotomists get continuing education and extra training to maintain certification.  However, even when the State does not require it, continuing education keeps a working Phlebotomist up to date with the latest techniques and technologies, thus making him/her that much more employable.

While there are many schools offering Phlebotomy continuing education training, you should make sure to only take the training recoginzed by the Certification Agency where you went to take your certification exam.  Taking courses that are not nationally recognized and accredited will be a waste of time and resources for you.  Additionally, because different states have different Phlebotomy continuing education requirements, you should make sure that the additional certification maintenance coursework that you take is compliant with the regulations of your state.  With that said here are some continuing education resources offered by the 4 major national certification agencies:





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